Small Group Discussions & Group Reports


After the first panel, conference participants broke out into small groups to discuss questions related to the morning panel. These questions included:

1. Which key data components should a jurisdiction or company have in-place so that it can properly prepare for climate regulation?

2. In the absence of global legislation, what kinds of parameters should a company or jurisdiction use to evaluate the long-term sustainability of infrastructure investments?

3. What are the key lessons we've learned so far from COP-15?    


Students and industry experts gathered around tables and held in-depth discussions for twenty minutes.  When everyone reconvened, each group shared its talking points with all conference participants. Many groups followed the spirit of the conference-workshop by going beyond the original questions and touching on interesting tangents such as the challenges of local versus global regulations and the need for more communication among industry and jurisdictions.

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See more photos of the first group discussions and their subsequent reports after the jump.


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Save the Date: IGEL's 4th Annual Conference-Workshop on Valuing Water: Business Challenges & Opportunities for Innovation

Fourth Annual Conference-Workshop

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March 22, 2011
World Water Day
8th Floor Colloquium
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Topic: Valuing Water: Business Challenges & Opportunities for Innovation