Corporate Interviews

Interview with Erin Meezan, Interface

Web 2.0 is the term we use to describe the changing way that businesses, consumers and software developers are using the internet.  In today’s marketplace, companies are turning to social media tools to educate consumers, sell products and elevate their brands and reputation.  Over the last three years several companies have launched Web 2.0 initiatives and virtual communities to connect more directly with and influence consumers.  Pepperidge Farm created the Art of the Cookie, Waste Management designed and launched Greenopolis among many others.  This month, Interface, Inc., the world’s largest modular carpet manufacturer, will launch Mission Zero, an online community that addresses sustainability.  IGEL had a chance to talk with Erin Meezan, Interface Inc.’s Vice President of Sustainability, about Mission Zero.

Interview with David Struhs, International Paper

Q: Your company uses a lot of energy, and the majority of it is green energy – bioenergy from the forests.  How do you feel about the push to use more bioenergy?  Can we find a solution to our energy problems in the forests?

A: When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  It is impossible to run a 21st century economy on an 18th century fuel.

Save the Date: IGEL's 4th Annual Conference-Workshop on Valuing Water: Business Challenges & Opportunities for Innovation

Fourth Annual Conference-Workshop

Save the Date

March 22, 2011
World Water Day
8th Floor Colloquium
Jon M. Huntsman Hall
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Topic: Valuing Water: Business Challenges & Opportunities for Innovation